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All source packages DO NOT include the source for library dependencies, such as CFITSIO and PGPLOT. For more details on the dependencies needed to compile and use the programs included in COSMOS, please see the Installing and Running COSMOS page.

The current release is COSMOS 2.21, which can be downloaded here.

For older releases of COSMOS, click here.

Binary Packages

Binary packages are available below and include CFITSIO (v3.230), PGPLOT (v5.2), and FFTW (v2.1.5).

To use the Perl GUI programs (defineobs, setcosdir, viewspectra), you'll need to also download binary packages of the Perl library dependencies. Note that these have only been minimally tested, so any feedback would be much appreciated!

Mac OS X


  1. Download the appropriate binary packages above for your system.
  2. Go into the directory you want to install COSMOS, e.g.:
    cd /Users/vulcan/Cosmos
  3. Unpack the COSMOS binary tar file, e.g.:
    tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/Cosmos2-21_bin_mavericks.tgz
  4. Go into the unpacked directory, e.g.:
    cd Cosmos2-21
  5. If you want to use the Perl programs, unpack the Perl binary tar file here, e.g.:
    tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/perl_bin_mavericks.tgz
  6. Edit COSMOS_HOME in the cosmos2-setup file to reflect the location of this directory, which in this case would be the following:
    setenv COSMOS_HOME /Users/vulcan/Cosmos/Cosmos2-21
  7. Source this cosmos2-setup file explicitly (can add this to your startup file also), e.g.
    source /Users/vulcan/Cosmos/Cosmos2-21/cosmos2-setup


Apps -- Mac OS X app compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later

NOTE: This has not yet been updated for COSMOS 2.21.

Sample Data

IMACS f/2 data taken in 2013:


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