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Download sample IMACS f/2 data

The sample IMACS f/2 data can be downloaded from the "Downloads" page (see URL in previous section) and is in a compressed tar file. You can unpack the tar file using the following command:
tar -zxvf IMACS_f2_sample.tgz
You can also use the wget or curl command to download the sample data from our ftp server:
curl -O
Included in the the tar file is a directory called IMACS_f2_sample, which contains the following data frames:

filename exposure type
ift0009 science frame
ift0010 science frame
ift0011 spectroscopic flat frame
ift0012 comparison lamp frame

The other files that are included are CSIfld5.SMF, which is the Slit Mask File containing the slit definitions, and CONTENTS, which contains a description of the IMACS sample data frames.

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Edward Villanueva 2014-08-27