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Flat-field the Science Exposures

Before running biasflat, make sure the proper parameters are set in the parameter file:
editpar biasflat

type q to end

dewar                      E2V       dewar definition file
speed                     slow       readout speed
flat_file                 none       flat field frame
bias_file                 none       bias frame
After the parameter file is set, we can run the biasflat command to flat-field and subtract the bias from the science exposures:
biasflat -f ift0011_flat ift0009
biasflat -f ift0011_flat ift0010

These commands generate ift0009_f_cX.fits and ift0010_f_cX.fits, respectively. See Figure 8 for a section of one of the flat-fielded and bias-subtracted science exposures. Now we can move on to sky-subtraction.

Figure 8: Section of flat-fielded science exposure generated by biasflat.
Image biasflat-sampleIMACS

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Edward Villanueva 2014-08-27