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Generating an Initial Map

Now that we have a good dewoff file, we can run map-spectra to make an initial spectral map. These data were taken with the WB4800-7800 filter, so we set the wavelength range from 4800 Angstroms to 7800 Angstroms in map-spectra.par so that only this range is mapped:
editpar map-spectra

type q to end

minlambda           4800.000000       minimum wavelength
minpixl                    100       minimum # pixels/spectrum
maxlambda           7800.000000       maximum wavelength
use_holes                    y       map holes as well as slits?
chipnum                      8       number of chips being used
Then we run the map-spectra command with our obsdef file as input:
map-spectra CSIfld5
parameter file ./map-spectra.par found
Processing "CSIfld5.SMF".
** Unknown keyword "DREF" ignored.
** Unknown keyword "DATE" ignored.
** Unknown keyword "XFWH9HRN1EPQX4OR4HP4KGD_QYMVUM
Using E2V1 distortion corrections
Processing slit 117
The following slits straddled a chip boundary, and were not mapped:

Slit  20   20040
Slit  29   20130
Slit  92   21297
Slit  95   21332
Slit  98   21388
Slit 102   21509
The result is a map file called, which contains the coefficients of the polynomials describing the dispersion, the slit's position on the image, and the line curvature. You can disregard messages saying "Unknown keyword ... ignored" because they just indicate that certain keywords in the SMF file are not read in. Notice that several slits were not mapped because they straddled a chip boundary. None of these slits will be included in any file output by spectral-lines, spectral-map, etc. because these slits will likely be difficult to map or reduce.

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Edward Villanueva 2014-08-27