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Viewing the Spectra

Both extract-2dspec and sumspec output the spectra in extensions format. Each extension contains the extracted spectra in the first frame and calculated errors in the second frame.

You can view and analyze the spectra in IRAF or other software, but if you have the Perl modules installed and would like to use viewspectra, first look at the parameter file and edit the parameters how you like:

editpar viewspectra

type q to end

smooth                      10       size of smoothing box in angstroms
linelist              linelist       galaxy line list
nod                          0       telescope nod distance, in pixels
shuffle                      n       shuffled spectra?
hlfwdth                      2       halfheight of spectrum extraction box
lamint              100.000000       halfwidth of line exam window
lambda0             4800.000000       minimum wavelength to display
lambda1             7800.000000       maximum wavelength to display

And then simply type viewspectra to open the window. In the window, click on File and then Open to load a 2spec file. To load CSIfld5_2spec.fits, we type the following at the end of the path in the dialog box:


Figure 10 shows the spectra for one of the slits, as viewed in viewspectra.

Figure 10: 1-D and 2-D spectrum for one slit in CSIfld5_2spec.fits, as seen in viewspectra.
Image viewspectra-sampleIMACS

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Edward Villanueva 2014-08-27