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This is v3 of the Carnegie Something Something Multi-Object Spectrosomething The documentation is proving difficult to inject into the Plone system so a full set can be found here:
File gtar archive Cosmos3.00_src.tgz
Comos3.00_src.tgz contains everything needed to build a cosmos3 distribution. I have modified the Perl viewspectra program so that it is identical for both linux and Mac. Note that Makefile.Mac is configured to build on my Mac; may need some changes for other systems. Makefile.linux is configured to build on the Linux VM.
File gtar archive Cosmos3.00_bin_sierra.tgz
Cosmos3.00_bin_sierra.tgz is the full distribution for Mac
File gtar archive viewspectra-perl5.26.2.tgz
viewspectra-perl5.26.2.tgz contains all the perl modules needed to run viewspectra on a Mac, for those who haven't gone through the agony of building it themselves
Folder for the COSMOS3 Documentation by A. Oemler
Link to the documentation for COSMOS3