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Scripts, modules, and libraries created and distributed by members of the Carnegie Observatories.
The Full CarnegiePython Distribution (Very Beta)
<p class="documentDescription"> This folder contains the tarballs of the binaries and source, as well as tarballs of the separate scripts and datafiles directories. </p> <p> For Linux boxes, please have your SysAdmin install Atlas. </p> <p> For Mac boxes, please install the HPC compilers of gcc and gfotran, and disable scisoft in your shell session since it does not use the correct FALLBACK environment variables. Under 10.6 you need to also have fink install xmkmf. Also make sure that you have Xcode and Java up to date. </p> <p class="documentDescription"> SVN Notes: </p> <p> You can also download the latest version of CarPy to your computer via Subversion (SVN). On the command line, you can download it using the following command: <pre>svn co svn:// CarPy</pre> This will download it to a folder named "CarPy" within the directory in which you executed the command. </p> <p> Once you have a "versioned" copy of CarPy on your machine, you can update individual files and directories by typing the following command: <pre>svn update file_or_dir_name</pre> </p> <p> If you have an "unversioned" copy of CarPy, you can download and overwrite a certain directory by adding the "--force" option (seems to only work with newer versions of SVN): <pre> cd CarPy svn co svn:// builds --force </pre> </p> <p> If the above doesn't work, then run it without the "--force" option and give it a different name, then rename it to overwrite the old directory: <pre> cd CarPy svn co svn:// mv builds </pre> </p> <p> <strong>NOTE: We have migrated to using SVN and have removed the option of downloading the tarballs from this site at the moment. </strong> </p> <br> <p class="documentDescription"> Additional Notes: </p> <p> All tarballs have the <i>CarPy</i> trunk directory. </p> <p> A template <i>Setup.csh</i> csh script is included. </p> <p> If doing your own builds, please edit <i></i> or <i></i> to reflect the desired build location and feel free to use the directories of sub-makes as templates. </p> <br> <p> <strong>If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to carpy[at]</strong> </p>
Walth's Python Scripts
CosmosPipeline, additional MIKE Pipeline scripts (Reporting), other useful tools by G. Walth (Note: These scripts are dependent on a Python Distribution)
Burns' Python Scripts
Various code for analysis of data. Dependencies are noted in each item as a "Related Item" at the end.