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Maskgen 2.14 Release Notes

This is version 2.14 of Maskgen, published 12/13/2018

Changes made to the code since version 2.13:

  • The laser cutting commands generated by maskcut have been updated to better describe the curved surface of the IMACS blanks. This should give more reliable LDSS3 masks when they are cut off-center.
  • New GRISM 400 disperser for IMACS has been added to intgui.
  • A new option command-line argument has been added to maskgen:  -C. This will prevent the program from halting if the alignment box check fails. Useful for optimizing outside maskgen using scripts.
  • Updated maskcut.dat parameters to improve laser cutting quality.
  • Updated opticdef.dat parameters:
    • Better SCALE parameter as determined from 2017B test masks
    • Improved FIELD parameters for IMACS and LDSS3. LDSS3 in particular was found to be off-center and the new specifications should result in fewer "lost" slits.