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Individual Modules

In case anybody wants some of the individual modules in CarPy
File gzip archive fotometry.tar.gz
apmags,aperrs,skys,sigs,skws = foto(im,apertures,lobad,hibad,adu,rn,catx,caty,calcsky,verb) im = the 2D numpy array apertures = 1D numpy array that is the list of circular diameters. the last two entries are the inner and outer sky annulus radii [this is basically like the contents of DAOPHOT2's apertures data file] lobad = just like DAOPHOT2's low data number, below which data are considered bad hibad = just like DAOPHOT2's high data number, above which data are considered bad adu = gain in electrons per DN rn = read noise in electrons catx,caty = 1D arrays for X and Y positions of objects [I think these are assuming the 1st pixel coordinate starts at 1 --- because that's how DAOPHOT2 likes to play, given that it is FORTRAN] calcsky = 1 or 0 depending on if you want the routine to calculate local sky values from the sky annuli. Sometimes I like to make a sky map using various filterings of the image, subtract it off, and then use calcsky=0 verb = 1 or 0, depending on if you like a lot of stuff to hit your screen apmags = 2D array of aperture magnitudes aperrs = 2D array of aperture magnitude errors skys = 1D array of sky values from the sky annuli sigs = 1D array of sigmas from the sky annuli skws = 1D array supposed to be the skews from the sky annuli but I might have broken this
File gzip archive galphot.tar.gz
Python wrapping of the isophot fitting library by Franx, Illingworth, and Heckman (1989)
File gtar archive module-cfitsio-2.420.tgz
File gzip archive module-cpgplot-5.2.tar.gz
File gzip archive module-liftpack-1.0.tar.gz
File gzip archive pgapack.tar.gz
File gzip archive ve08.tar.gz
File gzip archive gmcode.tar.gz
Wrapper module for generating gm code for cutting masks with the milling machine in the basement of the du Pont.