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Setting up your environment

As of COSMOS 2.20, you only need to source your cosmos2-setup file in order to set up COSMOS. First, you should edit your cosmos2-setup file so that the COSMOS_HOME environment variable points to the location of your build. For example, if you installed COSMOS in /Users/vulcan/Cosmos/Cosmos2-20, then you would change the first line in cosmos2-setup to have the following:
setenv COSMOS_HOME /Users/vulcan/Cosmos/Cosmos2-20
After you are satisfied with your cosmos2-setup file, you can source it on the command line. You may also want to add the command to your startup file:
source /Users/vulcan/Cosmos/Cosmos2-20/cosmos2-setup
There are several ways in which you can set up your reductions, but here I opt to run the COSMOS routines and edit the parameter files in the same directory as the data. So I leave both COSMOS_IMAGE_DIR and COSMOS_PAR_DIR environment variables as "." in the cosmos2-setup file.

Say you unpack IMACS_f2_sample.tgz in /Users/vulcan/Reductions. Then you will want to run the following commands to copy over your parameter files to the same directory as the data:

cd /Users/vulcan/Reductions/IMACS_f2_sample
cp $COSMOS_HOME/Cospar/*.par .
These data were taken with the short camera (f/2) using the 200 line grism, and are in Normal orientation, where the spectra are dispersed vertically (as opposed to "Nod & Shuffle" orientation, where the spectra are dispersed horizontally). So we can use the SC200g_N.dewoff file as a starting point. Most example dewoff files were made using older data, but some files have recently been updated using newer data and are stored in $COSMOS_HOME/examples/dewoff/Aug2014/. One of those updated files is SC200g_N.dewoff, so let's copy that over to our working directory:
cp $COSMOS_HOME/examples/dewoff/Aug2014/SC200g_N.dewoff .
You can also copy over example HeNeAr line lists to use for wavelength calibration, if you don't already have one to use:
cp $COSMOS_HOME/examples/linelists/HeNeAr*.dat .

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Edward Villanueva 2014-08-27